Yigang Tang

When it comes to real estate, any realtor will tell you that location is everything. Things get a little bit trickier when you’re an international investment holding company dealing with multiple properties on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The successes of American Pacific International Capital (APIC) should serve as a prime example of how to effectively manage properties in both the U.S. and China. As APIC’s chairman, Gordon (Yigang) Tang deserves a fair share of the credit for the company’s successes when it comes to overseeing hotels, shopping malls and commercial buildings via different management companies. It is about knowing what to invest in, says Yigang Tang, and how to effectively manage those investments no matter where on the globe they are located.

Let’s look at APIC’s international hotel properties. In the U.S., the company has five boutique hotels in San Francisco – the Good Hotel, Best Western PLUS Americana, Carriage Inn, Hotel Metropolis and Hotel Vertigo. In China, APIC owns and operates three luxury hotels – the five-star Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel, the Shantou Junhua Haiyi Hotel as well as the Shantou Haiyi Panorama Hotel. What has APIC learned from these investment and development ventures in two different continents? Yigang Tang says it’s not so difficult to keep tabs on the profitability of properties even if they are an ocean apart. The strategy, he says, is spinning off separate management companies to look after some of the properties.. Armed with the knowledge of the Asian and U.S. markets, , the firm has been able to weather economic storms while creating opportunities and high returns for investors.

In recognition of his successes, The Singapore Business Review has lauded Yigang Tang for his key role in the transformation of businesses in Asia and the U.S. We can expect his continued success on either side of the ocean for years to come.

With all his success, Yigang Tang has not forgotten to give back. He has donated nearly one million dollars to various charitable organizations in the US, USD two million to the International Olympic Museum and RMB 300 million to the Shantou Olympic Sports Academy. He believes giving back is one of the important measures that defines one’s success.